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Science City, Kolkata is a constituent unit of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) which is situated at Block-GN, Sector-V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700 091 having its websites ‘ and‘. NCSM is an Autonomous organisation under the Ministry Culture, Govt. of India.

Name and designation of the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of Science City, Kolkata

Designation for the purpose of Right to Information Act, 2005 Name & designation of the officerName and address of the Unit
CPIOShri Gafoor K. Shaikh
Controller of Administration
Science City
J B S Haldane Avenue
Kolkata – 700 046

Other Information

1Memorandum of Association
2The rules and regulations, instructions manuals etc. are as prescribed and published by the Ministry of Personnel, Pension and Public Grievances including AR Wing like FR/SR and other service/establishment manuals and instructions and financial rules like GFR and Delegation of Financial Power Rules issued by Department of Expenditure from time to time. Besides these, separate rules and regulations, other Manuals are framed by this organisation. For the administration of various Acts as indicated in the function of the Department, attached/subordinate organisations keep the rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records.

Rules and Regulations3. Bye-Laws4. Rules

    1. Recruitment Assessment & Promotion
  • Purchase Procedure
  • 5. Instruction manual

  • Recruitment Assessment & Promotion
  • 6. Central Public Information Officer: Shri Gafoor K. Shaikh, Controller of Administration
    7. Appellate Authority: Shri C. K. Das, Secretary, NCSM



    (National Council of Science Museums)

    J B S Haldane Avenue,Kolkata – 700 046

    Budget for 2019-20

    Figure in Lakh

    Sl. NoName of Unit/ProjectANNUAL ACTION PLAN 2019-20
    (GIA-CCA, GIA-General & GIA-Salaries)
    1Science City3236.35


    1.Prof. Sibaji Raha
    Former Director
    BOSE Institute
    Salt Lake Campus
    Unified Academic Campus
    EN-80, Sector-V, Bidhannagar
    Kolkata-700 091
    2.Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
    Vice Chancellor
    Amity University
    New Town, Action Area-II
    Major Arterial Road
    Kolkata-700 135
    3.Prof. D.P. Mukherjee
    Prof. & Head, Electronics & Communication Sciences Unit
    Indian Statistical Institute
    203, B.T. Road
    Kolkata-700 108.
    4.Shri Vikram Swarup
    Managing Director
    Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.
    Paharpur House, 8/1/B Diamond Harbour Road
    Kolkata-700 027
    5.Prof. Dipankar Chakravorty
    Professor & Head
    Civil Engineering Department
    Jadavpur University
    Kolkata-700 032
    6.Dr. Jayanta Sengupta
    Secretary and Curator
    Victoria Memorial Hall
    1,Queens Way
    Kolkata-700 071
    7.Shri Manish Jain, IAS
    Department of School Education
    Govt. of West Bengal
    Bikash Bhavan, Eastern Block, 6th Floor
    Kolkata-700 091
    Ex-officio Member
    8.A Representative of Ministry of Culture
    (Not below the rank of Deputy Secretary)
    Govt. of India, Shastri Bhavan
    New Delhi-110 115
    Ex-officio Member
    9.Director General
    National Council of Science Museums
    Sector-V, Block-GN, Bidhan Nagar
    Kolkata-700 091
    Ex-officio Member
    10.Shri Subhabrata Chaudhuri
    Science City
    J.B.S. Haldane Avenue
    Kolkata-700 046
    Ex-officio Member
    11.Shri K.S. Murali
    Curator ‘F’
    Science City
    J.B.S. Haldane Avenue
    Kolkata-700 046
    Ex-officio Member
    12.Shri P. Mukhopadhyay
    Curator ‘F’
    Science City
    J.B.S. Haldane Avenue,
    Kolkata-700 046
    Ex-officio Member
    13.Shri Gafoor K. Shaikh
    Controller of Administration
    Science City
    J.B.S. Haldane Avenue, Kolkata-700046
    Non-Member Secretary


    The functions of the Executive Committee referred to under ‘Rule 56′ shall be –

    (i) to formulate and approve developmental Plans in consonance with national goals and priorities and guidelines indicated by the NCSM; to allocate resources and to evaluate performance;
    (ii)to frame the annual budget and estimates of Museum/Centre a to regulate the expenditure;
    (iii) to determine the strength of staff and take decisions or creation of posts in approved scales and designations up to Grade-E suspension and abolition of posts: to consider/ recommend completion of probationary period/ confirmation/renewal of contract/ permanent absorption of officers above the Grade-B and up to Grade E-ll;
    (iv)within the framework of rules and regulations laid down by NCSM from time to time to approve schemes/projects of sponsored research work; filing of application(s) for patents; processes commercial utilisation, development work in cooperation and collaboration with industrial firms, museums, educational institutions and other organisations; institutional consultancy; appointment of outside consultants; preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports; deputing of personnel for assignments in outside organisations; sanction of funds for task projects for outside agencies including universities, museums and other institutions; loan of equipment; transfer of objects from one museum/centre to the other under NCSM; deputation of staff; institutional awards and prizes; distribution of premia and royalties and sanction of experimental projects below Rs.5 lakhs.
    Powers of the Executive Committee

    Powers of the Executive Committee

    (i)to sanction expenditure whether of a recurring or non-recurring nature, on any item of equipment, stores, services, schemes, pilot plants or projects and civil work upto the Budget provision;
    (ii) to write off irrecoverable losses of stores and moneys in excess of Rs.5,000/-and upto Rs.25,000/- in each case provided that:

    1. the loss is not due to theft, fraud or neglect.
    2. it does not disclose a defect of system or serious negligence on the part of any servant of the NCSM which might call for disciplinary action requiring the orders of the higher authority.

    (iii) to sanction expenditure on Symposia/Seminars/Technical Conference upto Rs.15,000/-.
    (iv)may appoint Sub-Committees as provided under Rule 59.
    List of officers of Science City, Kolkata
    Sl. NoNAMEDESIGNATIONPAY (Rs.)Cell and Pay Level in the Pay Matrix
    1Shri Subhabrata ChaudhuriDirector / Curator ‘G’2,05,600/-13th Cell of 14th Level
    2Shri K.S. MuraliCurator ‘G’1,72,200/-7th Cell of 14 Level
    3Shri Pradipta MukhopadhyayCurator ‘F’1,76,200/- 11th Cell of 13A Level
    4Shri Pramod GroverCurator ‘F’1,52,000/-6th Cell of 13A Level
    5Shri Sujay MajumderCurator ‘D’91,400/-6th Cell of 12th Level
    6Shri Subha Sankar GhoshCurator ‘D’81,200/-2nd Cell of 12th Level
    7Shri Rupak Kumar DasEducation Officer ‘D’99,800/-9th Cell of 12th Level
    8 Shri P.SatyanarayanaTechnical Officer ‘D’96,900/-8th Cell of 12th Level
    9 Shri Arabinda KunduTechnical Officer ‘D’91,400/-6th Cell of 12th Level
    10Shri Partha Sarathi SahaEducation Officer ‘B’69,200/-10th Cell of 9th Level
    11 Shri Ganapati HalderTechnical Officer ‘B’65,200/-8th Cell of 9th Level
    12Shri Tapas Kumar DasTechnical Officer ‘B’67,200/-9th Cell of 9th Level
    13Shri Gafoor K. ShaikhController of Administration91,400/-6th Cell of 12th Level
    14 Shri Ashok Kumar RoyDy. Controller (F&A)74,000/-4th Cell of 11th Level
    15Shri Jatindra Nath DowarahPS to Director62,200/-12th Cell of 7th Level
    16Shri Pravat Kumar BaghSection Officer60,400/-11th Cell of 7th Level
    17Shri Alok MukhopadhyaySection Officer53,600/-7th Cell of 7th Level
    18Shri Krishnendu DasSecurity & Maintenance Officer49,000/-4th Cell of 7th Level
    19Shri Manish KumarSection Officer44,900/-1st Cell of 7th Level


    Sl. NoNAMEDESIGNATIONPAY (Rs.)Cell and Pay Level in the Pay Matrix
    1Shri Abhijit Singha ThakurTechnical Asst. ‘B’36,500/-2nd Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Abhijit NasipuriTechnical Assistant ‘A’30,100/-2nd Cell of 5th Level
    1Shri Koushik DharEducation Assistant ‘B’44,900/-9th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Sougata DasEducation Assistant ‘B’ 44,900/-9th Cell of 6th Level
    1Shri Pijush GhoshExhibition Officer ‘A’47,600/-3rd Cell of 7th Level
    2Shri Apurba SanpuiExhibition Assistant ‘A’29,200/-1st Cell of 5th Level
    1Shri Arup Ratan BhattacharjeeTechnician ‘E’ 46,200/-10th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Adity Sinha PriyadarshiTechnician ‘B’26,300/-2nd Cell of 4th Level
    1Shri Sukanta MitraTechnical Assistant ‘B’44,900/-9th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Khoda Box MollahTechnical Assistant ‘A’31,900/-4th Cell of 5th Level
    3Shri Srikanta MallickTechnician ‘G’61,500/-6th Cell of 9th Level
    4Shri Kalyan Kumar NagTechnician ‘G’67,200/-9th Cell of 9th Level
    5Shri Idrish Ali KhanTechnician ‘G’65,200/-8th Cell of 9th Level
    6Shri Panchu Gopal DeyTechnician ‘G’61,500/-6th Cell of 9th Level
    7Shri Rabin Chandra BagTechnician ‘F’56,900/-9th Cell of 7th Level
    8 Shri Netai KunduTechnician ‘E’46,200/-10th Cell of 6th Level
    9Shri Jugol Kishore RoyTechnician ‘E’46,200/-10th Cell of 6th Level
    10Shri Soumen PaikTechnician ‘C’31,900/-4th Cell of 5th Level
    11Shri Swapan Kumar SarkarTechnician ‘C’31,900/-4th Cell of 5th Level
    12Shri Sanjib Kumar DasTechnician ‘C’31,900/-4th Cell of 5th Level
    13Shri Rabindra Nath MaityTechnician ‘C’31,000/-3rd Cell of 5th Level
    14Shri Bapi MoyraTechnician ‘C’31,000/-3rd Cell of 5th Level
    15Shri Pranab Das

    Technician ‘B’’

    27,100/-3rd Cell of 4th Level
    16 Shri Raj Kumar PatraTechnician ‘B’25,500/-1st Cell of 4th Level
    17Shri Somra Kachhap Technician ‘A’ 20,500/-2nd Cell of 2nd Level
    18Shri Pulak BeraTechnician ‘A’19,900/-1st Cell of 2nd Level
    1Shri Milan Kumar DasTechnical Assistant ‘B’44,900/-9th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Sumit ChatterjeeTechnical Assistant ‘A’30,100/-2nd Cell of 5th Level
    3Shri Angsuman GhoshTechnician ‘G’63,300/-7th Cell of 9th Level
    4Shri Sukanta Bikash RanaTechnician ‘F’58,600/-10th Cell of 7th Level
    5Shri Kiran SahaTechnician ‘F’58,600/-10th Cell of 7th Level
    6Shri Tarun Kumar DasTechnician ‘C’31,900/-4th Cell of 5th Level
    7Shri Sanjay SadhukhanTechnician ‘C’31,000/-3rd Cell of 5th Level
    8Shri Dipankar NandiTechnician ‘B’26,300/-2nd Cell of 4th Level


    Sl. NoNAMEDESIGNATIONPay (Rs.)Cell and Pay Level in the Pay Matrix
    1Shri Deep Kumar PoddarOffice Assistant Gr.I37,600/-3rd Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Partha Sarathi ChakrabortySenior Stenographer56,900/-9th Cell of 7th Level
    3Shri Debabrata DasOffice Assistant Gr.II45,400/-16th Cell of 5th Level
    4Shri Tapan Kumar MondalOffice Assistant Gr.II 38,100/-10th Cell of 5th Level
    5Shri Mrinal MazumdarOffice Assistant Gr.II31,400/-8th Cell of 4th Level
    6 Shri Jagat AdhyaOffice Assistant Gr.II27,900/-4th Cell of 4th Level
    7Shri Rintu PalJr. Stenographer25,500/-1st Cell of 4th Level
    8Shri Abhijit KunduOffice Assistant Gr.III26,000/-10th Cell of 2nd Level
    9Shri Debanjan PramanickOffice Assistant Gr.III22,400/-5th Cell of 2nd Level
    10Shri Piangshuk MukherjeeOffice Assistant Gr.III20,500/-2nd Cell of 2nd Level
    1Shri Himangshu Kumar SahaOffice Assistant Gr.I55,200/-16th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Sajal GayenOffice Assistant Gr.I43,600/-8th Cell of 6th Level
    3Shri Bhunda KiskuOffice Assistant Gr.II45,400/-16th Cell of 5th Level
    4Shri Dipak Chandra DasOffice Assistant Gr.II38,100/-10th Cell of 5th Level
    1Shri Tapan Kumar GhoshOffice Assistant Gr.I50,500/-13th Cell of 6th Level
    2Shri Hridendu BhattacharyaOffice Assistant Gr.I(S&P)36,500/-2nd Cell of 6th Level
    3Shri Subhas DeyOffice Assistant Gr.II38,100/-10th Cell of 5th Level
    4Shri Sourav KunduOffice Assistant Gr.III20,500/-2nd Cell of 2nd level