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  • What measures do you take to prevent waterborne diseases?The park has an in house reverse osmosis plant to ensure that the water is absolutely clean and hygienic. Water quality is monitored continuously using a computerized monitoring system. Besides, water samples are collected manually and tested every half an hour when the park is open to public. Any contaminant, pollutant or irritant detected is immediately neutralized.


  • How do you test the quality of water?The park has an in-house laboratory to monitor water quality, which does 90 rigorous tests on frequent intervals.


  • Won’t water at the park be too cold during winter season?Park during winter season provides heated water in the pools using solar panels mounted atop various buildings. We are committed to provide alike experience throughout the year.


  • Do I get drinking water within the complex or do I have to bring it from outside?Park is outfitted with purified potable water outlets at various places. Moreover, visitors can also purchase bottled mineral water at the kiosks and food counters.


  • Is outside food allowed in the park?No. Outside food isn’t allowed in the park premises.


  • What do we do for food if we plan to spend a whole day at the park?The park has food outlets and kiosks positioned near major attractions. You can get healthy and hygiene food here at affordable prices.


  • What kind of food is available in the park?Foodies can choose from a wide range of delicious food items available at the park. Right from South Indian food to multi-cuisine outlets, let food be not your concern. Soft drinks, ice creams and bottled potable water are also available at all the food courts and scattered kiosks.


  • I wonder if my personal belongings are safe at the parkSafe lockers are available at the park premises where you can keep your belongings.


  • Is the park safe for Women and children?Security shouldn’t be your concern. We have abundance security personnel to look after your safety.


  • Is there any specific dress code to enter the park?The park expects visitors to be modestly dressed since it is a family rendezvous. In the interest of hygiene and safety, the following dress code is enforced. Outfits like Water Park Costumes made of Synthetic materials, T-shirts, Shorts, Bermudas, Three-Fourths or Swimsuits are allowed at the Water Park. And Outfits such as Saree, Dupatta, Formal Pants, Shirts, Jeans, Burkha / Purdah, Cargos and indecent costumes are not allowed.


  • Do I have to bring my own swimwear?You can. In case you have forgotten to bring it, you can buy one from the counters.


  • Do I have to pay for individual rides?No. Your entry ticket covers all rides.


  • How about parking facilities?The park has abundance space for parking your vehicles. Rest rooms are also available for drivers.


  • What is Fastrack Ticket?Wonderla presents Fastrack tickets that makes your visit a privileged one. Now enjoy your favourite rides without any long queues. ( No discount is applicable on Fastrack tickets )


  • Are there any concessions for senior citizens?

    The park gives a concession of  20% on the entry tickets for senior citizens over 60 years of age.