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Category Archives: Science Exploration Hall

Emerging Technologies

Previous Next Emerging Technologies Development of new technologies and their applications have always helped in transforming and improving quality of our lives. This gallery on Emerging Technologies give glimpses of recent advancement of technologies in various fields like robotics, energy, ICT (Information & Communication Technology), medical sciences, human genomics, alternative fuels, encoding of information etc. […]

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Science & Technology Heritage of India

Previous Next Science & Technology Heritage of India India is known for its vibrant cultural diversity with a long history of developments in science and technology. Basics of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, ship building, town planning, harvesting of water power, textiles, technical craft were parts of cultural life of India thousands of years ago. Some […]

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Digital Panorama on Human Evolution

Previous Next Digital Panorama on Human Evolution This digital panoramic presentation, first of its kind in the world, is a unique immersive experience depicting the important milestones during the last 6 million years of human evolution. The show starts with a static panoramic image of size 10 m x 122 m showcasing important events of […]

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Evolution of Life

Previous Next Evolution of life This immersive exposition commences with a dynamic presentation on the formation of the Earth and evolution of various life forms. The exposition comprises 56 robotic animal models divided into seven sections to showcase the milestone events of evolution of life and representative life forms of respective eras. Visitors shall be […]

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Interpretation Area

Previous Next Interpretation Area It showcases brief story of formation of Earth; origin of life and its evolution and diversification. It also shows various human species and their migration patterns lucidly explained with a multi-media presentation. The major attraction of this exhibition is display of pre-historic human skulls cast from original fossils, supplemented by an […]

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