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Evolution of Life

Evolution of life

This immersive exposition commences with a dynamic presentation on the formation of the Earth and evolution of various life forms. The exposition comprises 56 robotic animal models divided into seven sections to showcase the milestone events of evolution of life and representative life forms of respective eras. Visitors shall be taken in a slow moving electric car for this immersive experience supplemented by special light and sound effects. Each section is introduced to the visitors through a special audio-video presentation created with the help of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).
The journey through this pre-historic age shall unfold the story of evolution and consequent diversification of aquatic and land based life forms. Microscopic single celled organisms to multicellular jelly fishes, Stromatolites, Nautiloids, Trilobites, Ichthyostega, Dimetrodon and many other life forms are set up in their natural ambience for better understanding. A major part of this journey is through the Mesozoic Era, the golden age of reptiles, showcased with iconic species of dinosaurs with dramatic light effects. Visitors can witness the disappearance of the mighty dinosaurs and gradual advent of mammals and their subsequent dominance. Weighty brachiosaurs to fiery tyrannosaurus, early elephants to giant lizards and furry ice age animals in a set up with ambient sounds of nature and robotic body movements, mimicking their natural environments is bound to attract the visitors.