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The Seminar Hall Complex houses eight fully air-conditioned halls in two floors with spacious lobby, large registration counters, pantry and projection.

Available facilities

 Four Lecture Halls with a capacity of 96 each

 Two Lecture Halls with a capacity of 40 each, and one with capacity for 30.

 One Conference Room fully furnished, suitable for conference, meetings etc. for around 20 persons.

 In addition a couple of smaller rooms are available for creating temporary office space, storage etc for major events, VIP room.



 Fully air-conditioned

 Equipped with basic sound system.

 Registration counters – 3 sets with storage

 Projection facilities to be arranged by the organizers of events.

 Registration counter, toilets, banner space etc.

Exhibition Ground

An exhibition ground measuring 26,000 square meters is available adjacent to the main auditorium for creating additional exhibition/conference space, food court, display stalls etc. during major conventions, trade exhibitions, etc. Adequate parking facility for around 500 cars is available adjoining the ground to meet the requirements for such events.